Update v1.2!


Another quick update to fix the few remaining issues that are fixable. Hopefully this is the last "big" one and everything else is minor


Fixed projectile shooting dogs not appearing instantly when travelling to a new map
Fixed blaster + hp bar message reappearing if you came back to the beginning
Fixed the door to come back to the second boss room not teleporting to the right area
Fixed being able to retrigger the second boss cinematics and dialog
Fixed enemy projectiles getting blocked by other enemies since the last update
Fixed door in the last screen blocking the player
Fixed being able to shoot the second boss

Known issues



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Jul 25, 2018

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only 5 percent of all wall-jumps register, making it practically non-functional.


Simply press space repeatedly (without holding any arrow keys) since the wall jump turn you around automatically it should work without any problems and be fairly consistent!

Please note that this game was made during a game jam on an engine not made AT ALL for platformers so things can be a little rough.

While it automatically turns around, it doesn't give enough distance to reach the other side, meaning that one needs to actively move to get close enough for the next wall-jump ... and the timing for that is extremely finicky.

All the wall-jumps needed to complete the game are 2 tiles large which is enough to not have to move by yourself. If you're facing a 3 tiles large gap, you're not supposed to be going there (however you can, as you said, technically do the jump. Initially I wanted to hide stuff where the 3 tiles jumps are but ran out of time)

Here's a video showing a few wall-jumps : https://gfycat.com/UnsungNippyEskimodog, hope it helps you! Sorry you're having a bad experience, like I said in my previous message, things were pretty rough due to the engine used and time constraint.