Update v1.1!


As promised, here's the update to fix the biggest issues the game had. Another patch might follow if we needed

Changelog :

Fixed being able to go through a wall in the stomp map
HP Bar text is now more or less the proper color (some kind of green)
Fixed jump animation not ending properly during cinematic
Fixed platforms flashing when being shot
Fixed being able to move during the "Incoming transmission" and "Transmission End" animations in the killing enemies tutorial
Fixed being able to shoot during certain cinematics
Fixed bosses corpses blocking the player
Fixed being able to cancel out of the bosses dialogues
Fixed transmission text not being centered
Fixed some transmissions and boss dialogues not lowering the music volume
Fixed some level transition trigger not being wide enough
Fixed "still pretty ugly" choice appearing in the wrong window
Fixed door after second boss not disappearing
Fixed death effect flash not starting at the right time and lasting for too long
Fixed enemies being invisible and projectiles acting weirdly when coming back to a room where all enemies haven't been killed
   - Due to the nature of this fix, some rooms might still be buggy but AFAIK everything is fine

Improved player projectiles hitbox
Improved shooting monster projectiles hitbox
Enemy projectiles does not go through moving platforms anymore (due to this, an enemy in the last map shot into a platform pretty much all the time but that's okay)

Projectiles in general are still a bit iffy but they should be much better than the first version

Improved music loopiness
Slightly reduced the talk volume and upped the interval


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Jul 25, 2018

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