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Alright, it's me again with a weird thing made with RPG Maker because jams. This time I made a tamagotchi-ish game in 1 hour! 

Fun fact, RPG Maker doesn't handle the game by default when minimized and nobody want to actually look at a tamagotchi waiting for something to happen soo I had to hack around that, luckily it wasn't that hard but it was pretty painful. (Feel free to look at the code if you wanna know how!)

Overall, it's a big mess, things didn't work out like I wanted, the game is not very fun (and there's not that much content) and I may or may not hate everything. But hey, jams.

Known Issues :
- Music doesn't loop properly, noticed that a bit too late
- game is not very good
- ending screen text flashes
- the taskbar flashing feature is not really stable


Made with RPG Maker VX Ace for the RPG Maker Games in 1 Hour 2  jam

Assets from the DawnLike pack by DragonDePlatino (yes, the platino is included!)

Scripts : RME (RME Team), ORMS (RME Team), Fullscreen++ (Zeus81), CustomWndProc (神思, this is not the original source but I don't know where to find it), SetWindowText (jubin-park) and FlashWindow (jubin-park)

Font is from RPG Maker's base resources

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsRoguelike, RPG Maker, tamagotchi


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